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Grrrr, I read an article today that really pee'd the proverbial pee into my Post Toasties. But it was good that I read it and I wanted to pass it along to you.

The article is called Marketing Word To The Wise (see Article on Marketing). It basically describes how the trend in marketing effects the consumer, then in turn the consumer effects the trend in marketing. For instance...

...Kim Gordon, the author, says "Right now, straight talk is in, and consumers prefer specifics to generalizations. Bombarded daily with thousands of marketing messages, prospects respond to those that ring true and offer the specific benefits and features they desire. Throw in too much hyperbole, or make the same old tired promises as other advertisers, and your ads will be ignored" (Marketing Word To The Wise, Entrepreneur Magazine, pg. 73).

Importance of Marketing
Importance of Marketing






We all know that marketing is important. We also all know that the specifics of marketing is important. If you put that the price of a home is 63,000 whe it's supposed to be 630,000, the results could be very traumatic. Little details mean a lot.

Included in the article were the 8 most used words that are being ignored. I'm going to post them and then tell you why this hit me so hard. Here they are -

1. Care
2. Solutions
3. Results
4. Amazing
5. Needs
6. Quality
7. Turnkey
8. #1

Many of you know that I decided to name my business "Turn Key Operations, a.k.a. TKO." My slogan was "Knocking out the details for you...", which coincided with TKO (technical knockout). However, #7 "do not" use word on this list has made me re-think this. Am I being overly cautious? Maybe! But I'd rather be overly cautious then underly, hmmm, I'm not sure if that is a legitimate phrase. Oh well - you get the point! Have you ever seen an ad for a home in MLS that went something like this:

This is an amazing home that will meet all of your buyers needs. Pride of ownership is so evident. Quality of upgrades are a must see! Etc, etc, etc...

Three of the "no no" words were in there. I see it allllll the time. Ok, now what about farming cards, internet ads for agents personal websites, and so forth that use the words #1, results, and solutions? Are they the exception rather than the rule? I don't think so!

So come on, tell me your thoughts on this. What do you think of this article on marketing - is it wortwhile, overly cautious, or spot on?

Have a super day,

Dustin Curlee

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