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Bancofino of New York originates commercial loans with NO closings costs and NO downpayment!  That is correct. Six out of ten commercial loans we originate entail no out of pocket costs to the borrower.  How is this possible?  We are experts in the commercial lending business.  We match your loan request with the best loan programs we offer and combine it with the Federal Funding EquiFund Program.  The end result is the highest aggregate LTV possible for the discrimminating Bancofino of New York borrower who in most cases receives a commercial loan with little to nothing down and no closing costs.  Keep in mind, the latter is subject to the equity available. 

Ask your mortgage broker if they can provide you with a similar loan program and you will quickly find out it is not possible.  Unless they are an approved EquiFund Broker with Federal Funding, you will NOT find a competing product out there.  Period!  Contact us today and let us help you secure a commercial loan that is right for you!  We welcome your business.  Click on the links below to learn more about our services.

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