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My brother in law Dan Gallagher began bruising all over a few weeks ago, as if he had been in the "Octagon" participating in an ultimate fighting match.  After visiting a specialist at the City of Hope in Duarte California he was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia a rare blood disorder. 

He is now for the past few weeks in bed in the hospital undergoing various treatments and will need to remain there for some time.  We are talking a very active athletic guy who's life is literally changed from one day to the next.  As a patient at the City of Hope he is undergoing alternative treatment as no bone marrow was found within his family that matched his.

To give you a better understanding of  this disorder.  Let me briefly explain the role of blood in our bodies. Our bodies have a variety of blood cells running through our bloodstream namely red blood cells which carry oxygen, white blood cells that fight infection, and platelets which causes our blood to clot. 

Bone marrow is a red spongy material found within our bones which produce blood cells that enter our blood stream.  Bone marrow needs to produce new blood cells to replace the old that your body uses and absorbs.  Red blood cells live on average 120 days, platelets 7 days, and white blood cells usually a day.   

Those that suffer from Aplastic Anemia  do so as a result of damage which occurs to the bone marrow which stops the production of new blood cells.  This places you at a higher risk of infection and uncontrolled bleeding.

There is no known cause although exposure to benzene found in gasoline and as a paint stripping product may have a link as well as other exposure such as pesticides or insecticides.

So why am I sharing this with you?  I need your help,  most importantly we need your prayers.  My Brother in law is a great dad, a loving husband to my sister and a good friend, the kind of friend you would all like to have. He is also a man with Hope so it is fitting that he can be found in the "City of Hope" in Duarte California.  He is a man of Faith in his Creator and loves God.  He is a light that shines in that hospital and is a faithful servant.

So I'm asking the internet community of believers to take a moment and lift up this brother that he may serve the Lord as he was created and intended to.  Say a prayer for my Brother in law Dan Gallagher and let him know that we are all with them,  all his brothers and sisters in Christ globally.  

Dan's more in depth story, well wishes, and guestbook can be found at this link City of Hope Dan Gallagher

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