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Bancofino of New York, the leader of the 100% LTV loan now funds unusual and weird loans.  We gladly welcome your bank turn down loan no matter how unusual and weird it is, we will give you time of day.  As you know, bank lenders are more stringent now more than ever before.  They simply can't risk putting a questionable loan on the books.  Unless you have perfect credit, perfect loan history, ample assets and a sound business plan, you won't get approved.  You can take that to the bank!

We are all ears.  Let's hear your story.  We'll give you a good assessement of your situation and advise you the best angle of attack to succeed with your loan.  Put your best foot forward and let us help you.  As usual, we welcome your business.  For more information abour our services, please click on the links below.

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