Are you ready for "The Big One"? Don't let fear take control of your mind OR your wallet!

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Are you prepared for when the "big one" hits?


I am writing this post because a friend of mine allows fear to control her mind as well as her wallet. Since the quake yesterday, she has been frantically gathering supplies (most of which she does not need) in an attempt to prepare for "The Big One". First of all, earthquakes in California are not unheard of. Second, we live in Washington and even though they say we can be hit just as hard, there is no point in nervously counting the days. Earthquake enthusiasts have been trying to predict this since I can remember! Is it really going to happen? Sure, there is a fair chance, but I am not going to hold my breath. Remember Y2K? Exactly. Retailers alike are going to use this most recent quake in California as an excuse to scare the general public into buying things they don't necessarily need. I wonder how long it will take for somebody to mass produce "The Big One Survival Kit". Don't laugh! People ran out in herds to buy the Y2K Survival Kit :-) Maybe I should be the one to create it and mass produce it. I am sure I could make a pretty penny, but then again I would never be able to sleep at night knowing that I am taking advantage of people through fear (like our wonderful government shamelessly does for example).

Hint hint...


A color coded terror scale?!? Seriously?!? HOMELAND SECURITY IS A FREAKING JOKE ANY WAY!!!

While I am on the subject, where was homeland security on 9/11? Oh, thats right, the Bush administration deliberately allowed it! By allowing the worst act of terrorism on American soil to take place, they were then able to control the people through fear"(as planned). Once the American people were afraid, it was a cake walk getting the majority to agree to war. They blame it on Osama Bin Laden, a SAUDI supposedly turned renegade, so to retaliate we waste MILLIONS & MILLIONS by pointlessly dropping bombs on the mountains of Afghanistan(which did nothing by the way) and then go invade Iraq. Is anybody else confused??? Bin Laden attacks America... America retaliates on Iraq??? Here we are BILLIONS of dollars and thousands of American deaths later and we STILL HAVE YET to find these so called weapons of mass destruction. Wasn't that the excuse in the first place? Oh wait, how could I forget about the oil :-) All we managed to do was put our country further into debt, cause a recession, send thousands of our countrymen to their graves, arrest Saddam, kill his sons & turn a country upside down in hopes they will simply adopt the ways of the west. That is like invading Isreal and then trying to get them to adopt the ways of the Palestinians. Looks like your plan worked well Mr President. Put fear into the American people so you can mastermind your plan to pad your pockets as much as possbile before you leave office.

Any way, I totally got off subject but you get the point I am trying to make :-) DO NOT LET FEAR CONTROL YOUR MIND OR YOUR WALLET! It is wise to prepare yourself in case of a natural disaster such as the quake back in 1906, but do not buy into the media hype and end up spending a fortune on things you do not necessarily need. Things like first aid kits, extra bottled water, food, flashlights, batteries, clothing, blankets, etc will get you by until help arrives. Do not spend thousands trying to earthquake proof your house, your car, etc. All I have to say is "EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE". Get it if you don't have it and recommend it to your clients as well.


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Michael Wayne Jackson
Coldwell Banker - Novato, CA
Broker - Seniors Real Estate Specialist Novato

Great post and topic Peter. I survived the big one in 1989 with the bay bridge world series.

Jul 30, 2008 04:55 AM
Ernesto "Ernie" Vargas
Probates Made Easy/ Short Sale Solution Group - Los Angeles, CA

Fear is everywhere and companies naturally tap into that fear.  There is a fear for everything, the counter effect is to become educated and then prepared in a calm state of mind.  But people are always trying to over prepare for fears.

Jul 30, 2008 05:00 AM
Peter Mann
Keller Williams Realty - Bellevue, WA
Peter Mann Seattle-Bellevue Real Estate Agent

Thank you for your post Mike. I am glad that you were able to remain safe during that quake in 1989. Wasn't that one a 7.0 or something close to it?


Jul 30, 2008 05:02 AM
Peter Mann
Keller Williams Realty - Bellevue, WA
Peter Mann Seattle-Bellevue Real Estate Agent

Thank you for your response Ernie. You could not be more correct when you say there is a fear for EVERYTHING. And yes, companies naturally tap into that fear. Millions and Millions of dollars are made every year by businesses that sell products directly related to fear. Makes sense doesn't it? :-)


Jul 30, 2008 05:04 AM
John Guiney
Keller Williams Realty - Quincy, MA

Just to try to add a little humor to a very serious issue, earthquakes, I am remined of Warron Zevon and his lyrics from Desperados under the eaves.

"And if California slides into the ocean,

like the mystics and statistics say it will,

I believe this motel will be standing,

until I pay my bill!"

Jul 30, 2008 05:09 AM
Peter Mann
Keller Williams Realty - Bellevue, WA
Peter Mann Seattle-Bellevue Real Estate Agent

Thank you for your response John :-) There is nothing wrong with bringing a little humor to the table. I appreciate it!

Jul 30, 2008 05:17 AM
Mark Organek
And the United States of America - Mesa, AZ
It's not a game, it's your life.

Peter, good points that you brought up.  This recent bill that was signed will do more damage to housing than any earthquake could.

Jul 30, 2008 10:06 AM
Peter Mann
Keller Williams Realty - Bellevue, WA
Peter Mann Seattle-Bellevue Real Estate Agent

Mark, thank you for your response. You just had to bring up the housing bill didn't you? :-) Rather than getting worked up all over again, I will keep my blood pressure down this time. Feel free to read my blog from the other day in regards to the housing bill. I found a great picture as well :-)

Jul 30, 2008 11:14 AM
Todd Clark
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

My wife was this way after the last quake her in Portland, I even wrote a post about it asking if there was anything I should say or do. It is just her nature and if your friend feels better and safer for doing what she is doing, then let her do it. (She just may prove us wrong and be the only person really ready)

Todd Clark, Helping Families Home -

Aug 02, 2008 03:47 PM
Peter Mann
Keller Williams Realty - Bellevue, WA
Peter Mann Seattle-Bellevue Real Estate Agent

Thank you for your response Todd. She is very hard headed and will do whatever she wants regardless of what people like me try to tell her :-) Like you said, she may just be one of the few that are truly prepared in the end :-)


Aug 04, 2008 04:52 AM