Cutler Call Center to the Rescue!

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 I scheduled a showing with another real estate  broker for last night.  When I got to the house, I realized that the lockbox combination they gave me was completely wrong- they gave me letters and it was a number lockbox.  I called the office number for the listing broker and got an answering machine- they were closed for the night.  The listing agent did not have a cell phone # listed.  My buyers were so disappointed that we couldn't get in to see the house. 

 I kept thinking and decided it might be worth a try to call other Realtors in his office.  I called Cutler's call center and they gave me the cell phone numbers for 2 other Realtors in the listing agent's office.  The 2nd one I called actually answered her phone.  She gave me the listing agent's cell phone number (who did not answer), plus made another phone call to another Realtor who gave her a list of 6 possible lockbox combinations. 

Before I started trying the combinations the buyer said that if the first number I tried worked he was going to play the lottery tonight.  Guess what- the first number worked!  We were able to get in because Cutler answers the phone!  The call center really is a tremendous help to us.  I never worry about scheduling showing appts. after hours when it's a Cutler listing- I always know that someone will answer the phone.  I hope the call center knows what a great job they're doing!



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Mark Organek
And the United States of America - Mesa, AZ
It's not a game, it's your life.

Christina - That's great the call center is there for you.  What's even better is the recognition that you are showing them by taking the time to make their assistance public.  Good luck with your buyer.

Jul 31, 2008 02:26 AM