Wake Up Sellers of Real Estate!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Steve Moore/David Massey Real Estate

Pardon me while I get on my soapbox!  I've had an unusual amount of buyer activity lately and am apalled at the condition of some properties offered for sale.  Wake up sellers!!! You have competition!

If your agent has not coached you in the presentation of your property, take a look yourself.  Have you ever been in a retail store and seen two of the same item, one perfect, and the other obviously returned, out of the package, and poorly folded?  Which one do you buy?  Is this your property?  Yeah, if you really like the one that has been returned, AND THERE IS NOT ANOTHER LIKE IT, you may purchase it.  Or, you may consider a purchase of the sloppy item at a seriiously reduced price.

Selling your house is no different from that item in the store.  Clean it up!  Make it appealing or reduce the price.  When I am working with buyers, a dirty, unkept, cluttered house forces the mindset of the potential buyer is "look at all I've got to do.  If I am going to do all this work, I must be compensated in the form of reduced price.  I'm not going to pay premium price AND do all the work!"

Now, put yourself in a buyer's position.  Can you blame them for their thinking?  They are right.  If you have a lousy agent or won't listen to him or her, ask a true friend to evaluate the presentation of your property.  Dirty walls, dirty carpet, pet smells, clutter, overgrown weeds, etc. ?  Clean it up & make presentable!


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