3 Winning Reasons to List Flat Fee MLS Miami at ADDvantage

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More Buyers, Realtor Showings and Peace of Mind when listing Flat Fee MLS Miami with ADDvantage, a Florida Flat Rate MLS Listing Service

1) Miami Flat Fee MLS with ADDvantage is 100% reliable when it comes to answering the phone, getting more buyer leads and Realtor showings. No other flat fee MLS service in Miami does it better than ADDvantage. 

  • ADDvantage holds the record for most showing of any flat fee MLS listed property in Miami with 131 showings over a period of 4 ½ months.
  • ADDvantage has the best phone ethic of any flat fee MLS Florida service with our 8:00-8:00 7 days a week live phone support. 

2) ADDvantage supports your flat rate MLS listing better than any Florida flat fee MLS service by offering you state of the art MLS listing software, MLS administrators, contract-to-close tracking software, buyer lead capture, 100% paperless change and edit control panel and professional advice 8:00-8:00 7 days a week.

  • There are 60 MLS boards in Florida and we are members of most of them. In Miami, the MLS board is SE Florida Regional MLS. We are also members of Greater Miami-Dade Association of Realtors.
  • Listing flat fee in Miami is not a part time job. To do it right, it requires a full time staff of professional MLS associates and webmaster to ensure your listing is managed professionally. One mistake can cost a seller valuable marketing time, leads and lost showings. ADDvantage has 5 full-timers to make your South Florida MLS listing accurate, easy to manage and always correct.
  • ADDvantage has the most sophisticated MLS software of any Miami flat fee service. We have spent just under $200,000 building our MLS software and management systems. Once you read our flat fee MLS Florida client testimonials, you see that every past client has similar things to say about ADDvantage...reliable, always available and professional.
  • Our Miami clients have 100% control over their own listings.  Sellers can change price, commission, pictures, property descriptions, add additional MLS boards, upgrade to ADDvantage Plus (our contract to close flat fee service) and much more. Just click and we respond with an email confirming the change is made.

3) ADDvantage guarantees that all buyer leads will be sent to the Miami flat fee MLS seller in real time, every time.

  • Seems simple enough but it does require 3 MLS administrators to handle the call volume from Realtors and buyers. While the Miami market is challenging, there are plenty of buyers. All calls are answered live 8:00am-8:00pm, even Saturday and Sunday.
  • Not all flat fee MLS service in Florida send buyer leads to their clients. They can take these buyer leads for their own "buyer agents" and setup an appointment to show your home and earn your offered buyers agent commission. This is not flat fee. These buyer leads MUST go to the seller.
  • Miami flat fee sellers that list through ADDvantage sell their own property 37% of the time with no agent commission paid. This is the highest in the industry for flat fee listed homes for 2 reasons. One, ADDvantage sends all buyer leads to their clients enabling them to sell without paying a commission; and two, we never miss buyer leads because our phone ethic is superior to all real estate companies in Florida, flat fee or full-service.  We call this "traditional" flat fee MLS. In 2007, we wrote the Florida Flat Fee MLS Seller's Bill of Rights describing what we believe is the most ethical way to offer flat fee services.


ADDvantage is transparent...no cancellation fees, no ugly surprises and 100% behind our clients to ensure their experience with us is a successful one.


Call anytime, 8:00am-8:00pm    1-877-232-9695

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