Stigamtized Properties- Would You Buy One?

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Just wanted to get a discussion going on the topic of stigmatized properties.

If you knew that a home had a violent murder, death, abuse, suicide, or some other type of serious action occur on the premises would you buy it?

For me, I think it would depend on what occurred in the house and when.  If I got an eerie feeling while walking through the house I would definately not pursue it any further.  I showed a house the other day to a buyer that had black paint in the living room and master bedroom.  There were still remnants of the owners belongings strewn about throughout the house.  Some of the items I found to be quite surprising and creepy-strange looking dolls with glowing eyes and razor sharp fang teeth etc.  I hope I'm not offending anyone by writing about the house (I'm trying not to give too many details)!  Anyway, although I was taken back by the items and decor in the house, my buyer said it did not make her uncomfortable. 

We all have our own comfort levels and needs and wants.  There is a buyer for every house!     

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