As The Favre Turns Soap Opera Thoughts

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Faced with the mounting possibility that they might actually have to release quarterback Brett Favre to resolve the issue of his un-retirement, could the Green Bay Packers actually consider doing the unthinkable and trade the future Hall of Famer to a team within the division? Despite General Manager Ted Thompson's declaration Monday saying the Packers would not deal within the division, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says they are, in fact, considering doing just that.

I guess it beats the option of releasing him, getting nothing in return, and having him end up going to the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears anyway (which is probably what Packers brass are thinking at this point). But, in my view, if Favre ends up with either of those teams, regardless of how he gets there, this could go down as one of the biggest bone-headed moves ever by an NFL front office.

Think about it.

Perhaps the biggest weakness for each of these other teams is the quarterback position, so either team would become significantly better with Favre behind center. Both teams with competent play from the QB position become much tougher competition for the division title and playoff spots. Meanwhile the Packers go from one of the all-time greats coming off a good season to a guy with almost no experience as their offensive leader. I'm not sure a draft pick or two is going to appease fans if this plan backfires and the Packers are sitting at home in January while Favre is riding his new team deep into the playoffs.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Shunning Favre like this is career suicide unless Aaron Rodgers outperforms Favre. So why put yourself in that position at all when all you have to do is welcome the guy back, open up a competition at the quarterback position, and let the best man win? Isn't that what's best for the team anyway?

Instead, they may get to face a guy twice a year who suddenly has a lot of motivation to prove he can still play the game at a high level. And the guy the Packers hope is their next franchise quarterback will be facing tremendous pressure week after week as he tries to escape the ever-growing shadow of a legend.

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Its a stretch, but Chicago may forgive him for being a cheesehead.

Jul 31, 2008 06:16 AM