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It's really quite sad, and unfortunately, it happens all too often.  Here in Maine, the winters can get extremely cold and harsh.  As the price of oil increases, Mainahs are grasping for any solution to the yearly problem: What am I going to do to heat my home?  For many locals, wood is the answer.  As you'll see below, it can also be the problem....

Burned Home

This home was completely lost this past year because of an improperly installed wood stove.  It was determined that the homeowner had simply drilled a hole in the exterior wall, and stuck the stove pipe out the wall.  Most people would realize BEFORE this was done that it wasn't the most safe procedure, however, in Maine when you're cold, and your kids are shivering, the hole in the wall sounds like a good idea.

(Sidenote: There is actually a road in local Solon Maine called 'Hole in the Wall Road'.  Google it, seriously.)

Please please please, as a fellow human being, if you know of someone that just needs a little help, do it.  This family's loss could have been prevented by a $20 piece of insulated stove pipe. 

Just thought I'd share.

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