Sunrise, Puyallup, WA Landscaping Update

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Mount Rainier from Sunrise, Puyallup, WAWell, for those of you living in the Master Planned Community of Sunrise for the past couple of years, you will have noticed that some unscrupulous individuals made it their life's mission to drive over some trees in the median of Sunrise Boulevard.  It was really sad to see the tire marks through the grass and the stumps left over from the destruction.

Earlier this Summer, landscaping crews came through and replaced many of the trees.  Sunrise Boulevard is finally looking the part again.  Now if we can figure out how to keep people out of the median until these trees are large enough to stop a car, we'll be doing good!

Also, for those of you that live in, or travel through Southwood Estates, you'll also notice that on 168th and 170th landscaping crews have come through and planted trees, bushes and spread some bark.  Also it looks like they've prepped areas for sod, although I'm unsure why they're waiting so long to lay said sod.  But regardless, the two streets used to access Southwood Estates, Rebecca Ridge, Ridge View, Morning View Ridge and Morning View Estates are looking 1000% better!

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