Mid Columbia Weather

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I can't help but think how lucky we are with our weather here.  I have been all over.  My family is from Minnesota with snow, humidity, and mosquitos.  I was stationed in Southern California, well that was beautiful, but they do have earthquakes and mudslides and fires.  I have been to Japan, Australia, Egypt, Ireland, a myriad of climates, and I am extremely thankful that we are mild in every season.  Our winters are not that cold, nor do we get much snow.  Our summers are warm and dry, and it's unusual to pass 100 degrees.  The humidity is missing, and the clouds are sparse.  Tornados, earthquakes, and all other extreme weather is almost nonexistent. 

I just had a visitor.  A fella from Seattle moved to West Richland and he can't stop smiling.  No traffic, and the sun is out.  He said his wife is happier and is convinced it's the Vitamin D!  I think he smiles a lot anyway, but he was right, this certainlyl is a great place to call home!

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