What Effects Our Credit Scores Negatively?

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Have you ever wondered what effects our credit scores negatively?


There is first of all the obvious:


  • Recent late payments
    Old collection accounts
  • New collection accounts
  • Too Many inquiries
  • Judgements
  • Tax liens
  • Bankruptcies

Then there is not so obvious:

  • Outstanding balances on our credit cards (even when paid on time)
  • Too much credit
  • Credit from a Finance company

Unexpected things happen to people everyday. Sometimes poor decisions are made like I did when I was young and thought there was no way back to good credit. Some once had great credit but because of a job lay off, an accident or an illness found that their credit picture changed drastically.

Most of the time people want to straighten out their credit but either do not know how or they do not have the time to educate themselves and do all of the things necessary to get their credit back on track. We help people everyday get on a healthy track to independence. "Hopeless is not in our vocabulary". Is does not matter if your scores are in the 300's or in the 600's that need a little fine tuning, we can help.

There are basic principals that if applied will raise improve your credit record and it does not take a long as you might think. Don't give up! Find a professional that can guide you through the maze and  healthy credit will be yours before you know it. If we can help you please don't hesitate to give us a call.

What other things have you found that effect our scores negatively.?Your comments will help others.

Ron Lambright
ron@hope4usa.com 704-503-3669

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Jim Fischetti
The Fischetti Group/Keller Williams - Wake Forest, NC



Great info on the not so obvious points.


Thanks for sharing.

Aug 02, 2008 03:26 AM