Video and Commercial Real Estate - Part II

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At Sibdu, we’ve seen some pretty decent success with our video efforts. Because we're all about helping commercial real-estate practitioners with their businesses (along with our friends at ActiveRain, of course), we're bringing you "Our Story," in the hopes you can learn from us and succeed with your own video efforts. 

Since the tour is highly visual, I'm letting the video version of it do the proverbial heavy lifting for this post. Click here to see it, please (opens in a new window). But don’t close this window — we have more tips below that are not in the video.

First, a bit of a caution. After I posted an admittedly whimsical video on Billy Packer and commercial real estate -- did you know the now-fired CBS broadcaster was "in" CRE? -- I got what amounted to be my first “hater”/wiseacre critic. In a Twitter post, she said something about the video being “TP,” with her wanting to use it in a newsletter for a janitorial blog. Kind of a funny retort, I have to admit. I think she was joking about the janitorial blog.

Usually I wouldn’t reveal this kind of thing, but I mention it this time for this reason: Not everyone is going to like what you have to say. Whether you’re posting a video or a blog entry, or even doing something like writing for a newspaper or newsletter, you always have to be aware of this.

After years in television and Internet journalism, my skin is pretty thick on this kind of thing. For most of you, though, putting yourself “out there” will be something new for you. So I just wanted to warn you, and yet encourage you. Don’t let the “haters” get to you. Just do what you believe in, and you’ll be fine.

(As a quick aside, don’t be afraid to try new things. My Packer/CRE video was definitely different, but you don’t know what works and what doesn’t until you try it. Now that we're switching to a harder-news format for the videos, i won't be able to try it again. But you should try as much as possible.)

Three other video-related topics. Be aware that when you use video posting aggregator, you can only upload 150 videos per month from there for free. Now if you’re only doing a video, or two, or three a month, that’s no biggie. But for an outfit like us that used to post  many vids a month on many platforms, it’s a problem. You see, posting one video a day to 12 sites (for example) equals 12 uploads for TubeMogul, not one. Multiply that by a lot of days each month and … you get the picture.

I only found out about this by mistake — we didn’t go over the amount, but we came close last month. So after a review of which sites were giving us the best “bang for the buck,” in terms of overall views, we’ve cut back to six: YouTube, Google Video, Revver, AOL Video, Dailymotion and Viddler. That gives us the widest distribution with the least amount of labor, and all at the best price: Free.

Now that we're cutting back to two videos a week, we'll be okay. But for those of you who plan on pumping out a bunch of videos, be forwarned.

There’s also a new, great place to post those CRE videos:, from (New England Real Estate Journal). They are building up to be a great source for commercial real-estate videos. If you have a video or videos, go there and post away. We’re already up there ourselves.

So go forth and burn some tape/CDs/hard drive space/flash drive storage. Get your face, your story, your facts out there. Be ready to dodge a few arrows. And no guarantees, but hopefully you’ll reap the rewards of having videos on the Internet.

As always, if you have questions, etc., please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks, and have a good weekend.

Bob Woods
Sibdu / Sibdu Blog / eCREsystems

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Tom Davis
Harrington ERA,DE Homes For Sale, $$ Save $$ Buy Today ! - Dover, DE
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Internet is offering more and more these days! :)

Whew...can I keep up with it all?? Whew!  Thanks for Active Rain!

Tom Davis

World Class DE Realtor

Aug 01, 2008 04:49 AM
Bob Woods, LLC - Silver Spring, MD

Yep, trying to keep up with it all can be daunting. That's why I suggest picking your "battles" (just a few) and concentrating on doing just those. I suggest blogging, videos and contributed articles to publications (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc.). If you do them right, you can take a subject and use all three publishing platforms for the same item - triple "bang for the buck."

Thanks for the comment!     bob

Aug 01, 2008 05:07 AM