TLW's World Famous Rabbit Stew...ROAR :)

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Okay. Karen...

Step 1: Hunt down 1 Rabbit for every person you intend to feed.

Step 2: Remove the skin of the Rabbits you've shot (Don't forget to go retrieve your bullet)

Step 3: Throw Freshly killed and skinned rabbits into a pot of water.

Step 4: Add one bag of carrots and 5 lbs of potatoes.

Step 5: Cook until potatoes are tender.

Step 6: Refrigerate stew over night. Before serving dig the chunks of grease off the stew :)

Around here we call this....Dinner :)

To all you newer members I posted this as Group only. That means I don't get points for this nonsense nor do you get points for commenting on this nonsense :)



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I crack myself up sometimes :)


Aug 01, 2008 05:00 AM