3 Steps to Get More Success Listing Flat Fee MLS Orlando

Services for Real Estate Pros with ADDvantage Real Estate Services

ADDvantage flat fee MLS offers Orlando homeowners more Service, more Buyers and more Realtor showings, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day 

Success Step #1

Better Phone Support...Orlando Flat Fee MLS sellers will receive 8:00am-8:00pm live phone support -7 days a week - Even Saturday and Sunday. This results in more Buyer leads and Realtor showings. ADDvantage is Orlando's hardest working flat fee MLS listing service: 

  1. We hold the flat fee MLS Florida record for a property receiving the most requests for showings at 131, with 5 offers and 1 close deal.
  2. We hold the largest flat fee MLS sale this year in Orlando at $3,748,000
  3. ADDvantage offers sellers more service because we work longer hours than any other Orange County, Florida real estate company...12 hours a day-8:00am-8:00pm 7 days a week live support. 

Success Step #2

Better Service... Home sellers in Orlando need every advantage possible to get more out of their MLS listing. At ADDvantage, we keep you informed every step on of the way. State-of- the-art MLS listing software; helpful MLS administrators to edit and manage your listing; our software tracks your closing deadlines and all important dates; buyer lead capture system; website hit tracker and more.

ADDvantage holds membership in 24 major Florida MLS boards including Mid Florida Regional MLS.

Flat Fee MLS is NOT a part time job. Many websites offer flat fee MLS services but lack the resources to actually deliver effective service to the seller. To get the type of results that ADDvantage sellers enjoy, the flat fee MLS broker must have full time staffers such as:  

  1. professional MLS Administrator
  2. webmaster
  3. an experienced broker with 25 years as a Florida licensed real estate broker
  4. software to manage the multiple MLS boards, hundreds of Realtor and buyer calls each month, hundreds of listing change requests and other administrative functions that go on behind the scenes. ADDvantage has 5 full-timers to manage your Orlando flat fee MLS listing.

ADDvantage would be powerless without our advanced MLS software. We have spent 3 years and near $200,000 building our MLS listing software. It manages every moving part of our company.

Orlando flat fee MLS sellers have 100% control over their listings. Change  commission, price, property description, pictures, add additional MLS boards, or even upgrade your service to ADDvantage Plus (our contract to close flat fee service).  One click and we'll respond right back with an email confirming the change is made.

Success Step #3

Real Business Ethics to help you...Not all flat fee MLS services in Orlando send buyer leads to their flat fee sellers. ADDvantage sends all buyer leads from all Internet sources to their client/sellers by email or phone call...in real time, every time.

Answering the phone 12 hours a day 7 days a week is hard work. Over the past year, our 3 MLS administrators have fielded over 967 calls after hours. Orlando's market is challenging and there is no room for lost calls from Realtors or buyers. Calls equal showings and more showings results in more sales.  

Is your flat fee MLS sending you all buyer leads? Leads are valuable. Some flat fee services keep buyer leads from Realtor.com and other Internet sources for their own agents. This practice is not flat fee. These buyer leads MUST go to the seller or the seller will never have a chance to sell without a Realtor involved. .

37% of all sellers at ADDvantage are successful selling with no agent involved. This is the highest percentage of any flat fee service in the industry. 


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