Running man brings new meaning to 20k

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     The running man?  He's my logo and a metaphor for the craziness I experience when business is good.  My best example?: My best day ever-(12) twelve sets of loan documents (across six counties) signed, sealed and delivered.  I left for my first appointment that day at 4AM.  My final appointment concluded at 2AM.  That, was a good day!!


     ...And the 20k?  Anyone who has met me "LIVE and in-person" knows that if I walked a 10k- much less ran one, I'd be a wheezing heart-attack waiting-to-happen long before the finish line...perhaps my New Years resolution (2009) should be to get in shape.  I can mow on quite a few Krispy Kreme's and Mocha Frappucinos before then anyways...  :)

     No, the 20k I'm celebrating (WooHoo!) is my point total on AR.  Participating here has become part of my daily routine.  Although I don't always post, I try to read and make a comment or two.  I'm learning a lot about the RE community here and in my home (Orange) County, (CA) too.  Thanks for the banter, the input and the friendship you have bestowed upon me...


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Ronald Gillis
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CongratulationsCongratulations!  It is fun, but also rewarding here on AR.  I have 'met' local people, and then 'met' some 3000+ miles away, but I feel they are friends already!  And then all the knowledge I have picked up, tremendous!  Have a great day!


Aug 14, 2008 01:24 PM