3 Ways to Get More Success Listing Flat Fee MLS Florida

Services for Real Estate Pros with ADDvantage Real Estate Services

ADDvantage, a Florida licensed flat fee MLS broker, offers homeowners a better Flat Fee MLS experience and more service.

ADDvantage...Superior Service, More Buyers Leads, More Realtor showings...we outperform other Florida flat fee MLS services.

ADDvantage works longer hours and we get better results...7 days a week, 12 hours a day is the longest work week in Florida for any Realtor.

Florida Flat Fee MLS Success Step #1

Better Phone Ethic...a recent testimonial from a Tampa seller said it all...

"Very pleased with the service provided. All leads came straight to me. Like a realtor sitting at your home's front door, all the time!"

Dr Gupta

Tampa, FL

ADDvantage specializes in converting calls into showings...from 8:00am-8:00pm, we take all calls live -7 days a week - Saturday and Sunday included.

Misconception about listing flat fee in Florida: Flat Fee sellers DO get their phone number published in the MLS under Realtor remarks but, DO NOT get all calls. Realtors don't call the seller near 50% of the time. Realtors often call the listing broker/agent because: 

Realtors are used to that practice of calling the listing broker/agent.

Realtors prefer speaking directly with the listing broker because they think we know more;

Realtors think we can tell them something they want to know such as...do we have a seller's disclosure on the property because they want to make an offer.

Realtors that can't reach the seller and are sitting in front of the home with their clients.

The reasons go on about why Realtors call the listing broker.

Don't think for a second that just because you are flat fee listed that all calls come to you. ADDvantage fielded 981 calls after hours over the past 12 months from Realtors and buyers and well over 6,000 calls during normal business hours. Every single call was answered live, recorded into our clients account (buyer leads) and sent by email to our seller client. That's why phone ethic is of critical importance when listing flat fee in the MLS. Your success selling flat fee in Florida is tied directly to how well your flat fee broker answers their phone. 

Is an ADDvantage flat fee MLS listing worth $349? Our sales statistics indicates we are doing our job well and our Florida clients all say the same thing about of our service commitment. This recent testimonial from a seller in Miami....

The ADDvantage team raises the bar to a new level in professionalism, and follow-up. In light of the most challenging Florida real estate markets in recent years the ADDvantage team sets a new benchmark of communication, client service, and diligence. The ADDvantage team consistently beams sunshine on a gloomy real estate market. Most importantly they continue to earn our business and enhance their reputation with consistent, communicative, and knowledgeable insight with their comprehensive menu of services. I will continue to make referrals to the ADDvantage team, and use them again in the future as we have been outstandingly supported by their team. Thank you ADDvantage Real Estate Services!

Michael & Helene

Miami,  FL 

Florida Flat Fee MLS Success Step #2

Better Service helps get more offers... The Florida real estate market is not a play ground when it comes to selling a home. Florida homeowners need every advantage possible to get more out of their MLS flat fee listing. ADDvantage keeps you informed every step on of the way with tools such as: (i) state-of- the-art MLS listing software; (ii) knowledgeable and friendly MLS administrators to manage your listing; (iii) software that tracks your buyer leads and Realtors showings; (iv) important documents are uploaded into your account and are ready to be sent to Realtors attempting to make an offer such as seller's disclosures, deed restrictions, property surveys; (v) contract closing deadlines, website hit tracker and more.

Sellers control everything at ADDvantage. Just click on your control panel and make changes instantly to your price, commission, pictures, property description, add additional MLS boards or switch between programs such as ADDvantage Plus (our contract to close flat fee service) or Street Smart ADDvantage Realtor eblast. Once you make a change, email confirmation is send back to you confirming the change was made.

Florida Flat Fee MLS Success Step #3

Fair and Honest Business Ethics to keep you stress free and not in the poor house. Don't get hurt financially when listing flat fee MLS in Florida.

Cancellation fees: Read the listing agreement carefully. Some flat fee services charge $500 if you attempt to cancel the listing before their generous 12 months listing term offers is up (just kidding about generous, it is a flat fee trap). They lure you in with a $169/12 month flat fee offer and will charge you $500 to cancel before the 12 month listing term is up.

"Conditional Withdraw" from the MLS means the listing broker is trapping you.  If you attempt to cancel the listing (full-service Realtors or flat fee) before the listing term is up, they will NOT allow you to re-list with another broker because your listing is placed in a suspended state called "conditional withdrawal." It is in the MLS but not "viewable" by other Realtors. When listing flat fee, the correct and best language would be "unconditional withdraw" meaning another broker can input your listing right away.

Missed Buyer Leads can result in a lost sale.

Buyer Leads that don't go to you might be the worst thing that can happen to a flat fee seller. One of the main reasons why you listed flat fee in the first place is taken away. Here, the flat fee service takes your unrepresented buyer leads (no Realtor) for their own agents from sources such as Realtor.com, Homes.com, yard sign calls (with their number on it) and other Internet sources. Again, read the listing agreement carefully. Some flat fee services say this right in their listing agreement and some don't say it at all. If they take your buyer leads, you will not be successful selling without a Realtor and thus paying a commission. The reason 37% of all sellers at ADDvantage are successful selling with no agent involved is because we send all buyer leads to our sellers...and we answer the phone 8:00-8:00 7 days that captures more buyer leads.  This is the highest percentage of any flat fee service in the industry. Our listing agreement says exactly what we do and what we don't do.

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