Whitesboro - Does somebody know something?

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Whitesboro is a small town located in Middle Township.  It is a landlocked town located on the lower peninsula of Cape May County.   It is located halfway between the ocean and the bay.  It is not one of the more affluent communities in Cape May County.

However, a strange thing has been happening in Whitesboro over the last few years.  Property values have been climbing, but are still a significant value as compared to all the other towns in the area.

There is still a significant portion of vacant land as compared with other local towns. This doesn't mean that there is lots of land, but there is relative to the inventory of vacant land in other towns.

It appears that some people have been buying land with the intention of holding it for a longer period than most land speculators.  It just stands to reason that this area will have it's day, and it appears that some investors are patient enough to wait for that day.

Does somebody know something?

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