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Wedding CakeOne of the great things about living and working in a small community is the many treasures that the community has that are not known to the surrounding larger areas.  Malls are a fixture in many large towns, but virtually non existent in smaller ones.  Larger companies like Wal-Mart often bypass these communities because they don't "fit" their marketing models.  Yadkinville is blessed in that regard.  Smaller, more customer service friendly companies abound.  One such company, The Treasure Hutprovides a host of products and services that larger franchises only wish they could provide to their customers.  The company was started a 3 years ago by our own local treasure, owner Dot Lynch.  What once was a weekend only gift shop at the Vintage Flea Market has grown to a full time operation located at 223 E Main St, Yadkinville.  Dot, a retired nurse of 23 years has a passion for weddings! 


The Treasure Hut can provide wedding services for those that want Bride Photominimal fuss and for those who desire all the trappings down to the getaway honeymoon.  One of the more interesting things is Dot believes that everyone deserves special consideration, regardless of how much money they want to spend.  With average wedding costs being approximately $25,000, not including bridal showers, bachelor parties, and other personal wedding related expenses, her level of service is all that more remarkable.  While many of her competitors reluctantly work with smaller events, Dot makes allowances for all.


The cozy shop on Main St has many beautiful flower arrangements on display.  Sit down with Dot and you'll feel right at home.  One of the things that you will soon become aware of is that she knows her craft and has your interests placed first.   Visit our local "treasure" today.



This is a continuing installment in the Yadkin County Now series, highlighting local businesses, area attractions and the special citizens of Yadkin County.    Dale Terry,

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