Flat Fee MLS Listing Service for Florida FSBO's.. Offices in Sarasota & St. Petersburg, Florida

Real Estate Sales Representative with Shirley International Realty Inc

Shirley International Realty Inc.'s Flat Fee MLS Listing Service has become such an unparalleled selling niche in our real estate market.. Our real estate company has joined the Mid-Florida MLS which includes 13 Realtor Assocations and over 35,000 Realtors! This means that any home, condo, land, or property you're looking to sale from Orlando to Port Charlotte will be seen by all Florida Real Estate Licensed Realtors/Appraisers, & Mortgage Brokers constanlty scowering the MLS.. from Orlando to Port Charlotte.. Even in this slow market, we're listing more homes than ever because local sellers are seeing the value in being promoted on the Multiple Listing Service.. Even national renowned builders such as KB Homes, & local powerhouse names like Capstone Construction, have teamed-up with our office to have their inventory homes listed through our Flat Fee MLS Service.. Our biggest testimony for the success of our Flat Fee Programs are the Sellers & Builders that are now outsourcing their listing inventory to us.. $199 will get your home listed on the local MLS & Realtor.com for local Realtors & National/International Buyers to come preview your home..

I've expanded my Flat Fee MLS Listing Service beyond Florida Boundaries and reach out now to ANY seller around the US Looking for MLS Coverage.. Scanning over my inventory of listing from the past 8 weeks, I'm seeing that Shirley International Realty Inc. has listed 5 homes in Maine, 4 in New Hampshire, 4 Homes in New York, 6 Homes in Massachusetts & a handful of properties in states such as Maryland, Virginia, Minnesota, & New Jersey. Our Flat Fee Listing of Flat Fee Network Brokers is expanding everyday and we're helping promote sellers listings in every corner of America! Our focus is centered around maximizing the promotion of your property, while still saving you the most money.. This is called Grade-A Value & its something we take great pride in offering..

If you, or anyone you know is looking to sell a home and isn't interested in paying a Realtor 6% to do so, please call Justin Shirley, CEO of Shirley International Realty, to talk about how to get your home the most expansive promotions for a Minimal Flat Fee/Rate.. I'm always "sweetening" the promotional marketing our Real Estate Company offers for your home, & specialize in Web Marketing.. The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is the foundation that you SHOULD HAVE in selling your home in any market.. Realtors are waiting for your home to hit the MLS so they can bring their most urgent buyers to you & close a sell.. You No Longer have to pay 6-7% for this service.. We offer Full Service Packages for any seller looking for assistance in scheduling showings for your property, negotiating contracts, over-the-top marketing, & access to our full support staff.. If you're just looking for the most valueable MLS listing Package, talk to me about listing your home on the MLS for $199 (& this listing stays active until the property sells, or until you request it be terminated..)..

We're here to provide quality listing services and can offer this package anywhere in the State of Florida.. Located outside the State?? We'll get any property isted from Seattle, to New York, & San Diego to Key West! We're constantly adapting to Real Estate & Economic Conditions to give you more Marketing Bang for Your Selling Buck!!! Innovation will continue to take place in Shirley International Realty Inc.'s offices..

Justin Shirley
Shirley International Realty Inc.

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