Ice Cream Social

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Hi KW Family,


So who went to the ice ceam social on Friday? It was awesome. Yes, the P.J. Madison's ice cream is the best ice cream in the whole world. And that's not opinion - it's fact, but it was more than the ice cream that made that time so great. We celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at the Heritage market center. Wow!!! One year??? Seriously!!! It does not seem that long ago that this is what we were doing -

Grand Opening 1

Grand Opening 2

But alas, a year has passed. So much has happened. Craig Owen is now the regional director of Keller Williams; David Jones has taken over as team leader (and is doing a stellar job); the staff has had to adjust to new roles and functions; and we've added a gazillion agents.

Here are some pictures of the ice cream social for you to enjoy:

My first trip I love their ice cream. Yeah, I munched out.  Aw, we love our girls.

 Agents love to mingle, don't they?

Wanna see the rest of the photos? Go here - Ice Cream Social Photos

Ok, one last photo. Here is our fearless leader (well, ex fearless leader - now the regional director) and me:

Craig and Dustin

Craig and Dustin

Man, those are 2 gooooooooood lookin' guys. Now, that may be a matter of opinion unlike the P.J. Madisons ice cream.

Have a great day,