Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself About a Prospective Neighborhood

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July 28, 2008

Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself About a Prospective Neighborhood

Before committing to a particular property, it is very important to get a feel for the neighborhood.  Yes, a house may be everything you dreamed of, but it's a rude awakening when you realize the neighborhood is not.  It's very important to visit the property at various times of the day, so you get a feel for the atmosphere.  Also, ask yourself these ten questions and do your research!

1.  Do homeowners take care of their properties?
    -Are lawns well-manicured?

     -Do they take pride in their garden?

     -Is trash picked up?


2.  Is there remodeling going on?

    -Are homeowners making improvements?

     -What does the appreciation look like in this neighborhood?


3.  Are the people friendly?

     -Do neighbors wave and say hello?


4.  What kind of cars do I see?

    -Are there abandoned vehicles on the street?

     -The type of cars in a neighborhood can be a window into the income bracket.


5.  Is this the right school district?

     -How are the schools rated?


6.  Does the neighborhood have the amenities we are looking for?

     -A community pool?

      -A park?


7.  What are the crime rates?

     -How does the neighborhood fare with auto-theft, burglary, etc.?


8.  Is it noisy?

     -Do neighbors throw late night parties?

      -Yappy dogs next door, or a band that likes to practice at midnight?


9.  Does it have the right demographic for me?

     -Families?  Young professionals?  Senior citizens?


10.  Is the location convenient for my needs?

     -Are there restaurants close by?

       -A grocery store?

       -A gym?


These 10 questions will help you decide if a property is right for you.  Happy hunting!

Julie with The Allen Group

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