Let's Help Get Michigan's Economy Back On It's Feet

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In a recent issue of Hour Detroit magazine, I read the following quote:

"If we all spent $10 a week on Michigan products, we could put $36 million every week back into the state's economy" .

That was powerful to me. Every day I hear people bemoan the state of Michigan 's economy and here was a simple and impactful thing that each of us could do to help.

I contacted a woman named Jeanne Lipe at the Michigan Agriculture Department who confirmed that the numbers were correct and gave me some leads to get started on what has turned into this email today.

The idea is to shift $10 per week of your grocery budget to products that are from Michigan companies. I wanted an easy to use list of Michigan products that I could find at my local grocery store.

Some things I learned along the way:
There are a lot of Michigan owned grocery stores that are supporting other Michigan businesses on their shelves. Spartan stores are a cooperative, this means that if you buy a Michigan made product from a Spartan affiliated grocery store, you are getting a "triple dip". The product is made in Michigan , the grocery store is independently owned by a Michigan family, and Spartan Stores headquarters is located in Grand Rapids . Other independently owned stores are a "double dip". This includes stores like Randazzo's and Westborn markets. Meijer is based in Grand Rapids , so also counts as a double dip.  Right now, if you walk around the produce section at Meijer they list all the farms where the produce was purchased in Michigan.  My Grandfather was a Michigan farmer and I've always enjoyed shopping at local farmers markets for fruits, veggies, and flowers.  The agricultural industry in Michigan is very big piece of the pie that could help get our wonderful state back on its feet, so think about it the next time you are doing your shopping!

Check out Michigan's Department of Agriculture Farmers Market Directory




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Rebecca A. Terpening
Corporate Settlement Solutions - Clare, MI

In our family this year, we made a promise to each other that our stocking stuffers had to be home made or Made in Michigan!  We all had fun shopping locally at the Alpine Chocolate Haus in Gaylord, MI; Grand Rapids Popcorn Company; the Made In Michigan store in Mackinaw City; and William's Cheese in Linwood.

Jan 13, 2009 05:21 AM