Activist Judge Closes the BEACH -Just in time for summer!

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In 1950's when the US Government took our precious land to create Cape Hatteras National Seashore, the Park Service promised that access would never be deniedand the charter clearly makes our beaches recreational areas.  Man has dominion over the earth and all creatures - this law was laid down before the foundation of the earth- Has the Audobon Society overturned this law with the help of an activist judge?

Little by little our federal government has given way to much power to groups like US Fish and Wildlife. Here is a group filled with extremists with a burning desire to shut down access to any and all federal land that contains wildlife. DO not be fooled , little by little they are closing access to our most prized places . We need to put some power back in the hands of the people in this country, We are a government for the people by the people right?? Then why have we let government get so big and allow our voice's to be turned down to negative 200 decibels?? 

The National Park Service over the past several decades, together with the Interim Protected Species Management Plan adopted by the Park Service in 2007,has created a safe environment for these species with signs that these species have been flourishing, while still providing access to the beaches and traditional fishing and surfing areas.

 These beach closures were a result of a lawsuit filed by environmental groups to protect certain endangered species along the shoreline.  HOW did they get away with it? Because we have all been asleep at the wheel while they have been planing for years to take away our beaches- We need to fight back and we need to ban all of the environmental lobbyist wackos form the floors and halls of Congress-

I have been surfing and fishing at the point and Oregon inlet for thirty years and have never seen a piping plover nesting where we surf , fish and enjoy a day at the beach. WHY have I never seen one ? Because they absolutelyDO NOT live there- it is not the natural habitat for these little birds yet a freakazoid Judge that has never set foot on Cape Point has decided to ban us all from enjoying it.

Excuse me but are we still in the good ole US of A ?? This is ridiculous and I sincerely believe that the Judge has some splaining to do. I also believe he should be found criminally liable for every penny we have lost in tourism since he decided that he was King of the beach. And he should apologize for his ruinous act.

Take a stand now - our personal freedoms are eroding and they are being swept out to sea by Socialist wimps that think the government should run our lives -FIGHT BACK now or do not complain when every park , beach , riverfront , ski resort etc is shut down by these so called environmentalists.

Blaze on the Outer Banks -Signing off - GOD BLESS the US!  

Outer Banks JR

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Lane Bailey
Century 21 Results Realty - Suwanee, GA
Realtor & Car Guy

I have driven on the beach there, and it is truly a shame that the area is beig shut down.  We are facing the same problems all over the place.  Tellico OHV has been compromised by Trout Unlimited...  They say that silt is killing the fish, but they don't want fishing limits reduced or poachers pursued. 

Aug 04, 2008 02:01 PM
Thomas Bradley
Century21 Select Group - Lake Harmony, PA

I agree that we are all asleep at the wheel here and someone is driving the bus to a cliff.  The less government, the better off we all are.  There are always unintended consequences every time some politicians think that they know what is best for people.  It is NEVER true -- they do not know better. I can attest to it as I am an elected Township Supervisor in Kidder Township in Carbon County in NE Pennsylvania.  See my recent blog about what elected officials are doing to property taxes here (Spot Reassessments).

Aug 04, 2008 02:15 PM
Steve Blaisdell
Beach Realty and Construction - Nags Head, NC

Amen & Amen 

Aug 04, 2008 03:22 PM
Richard Ives
Chicago, IL

Welcome to Active Rain Steve.

Have a great week!

Oct 30, 2008 07:57 AM
Richard Ives
Chicago, IL

Welcome to Active Rain Steve.

Have a great week!

Oct 30, 2008 07:58 AM