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Attracting The Right Buyer Without Spending a Lot - amended

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 Whew! I am buzzing from Feng Shui overload. But that is good for you, potential clients, because we will work together to co-create a property that attracts just the right buyer without spending a lot. I bring the gift of Feng Shui to the table, harmoniously enhancing your property with tried & tested Feng Shui principles. My goal is to  balance the elements of your property allowing it nurture & support it's new owners. Buyers will know it when they see it! They are inexplicably drawn to it.

 What is Feng Shui, you ask? Simply put, it is the art or science of placement. Proper placement of elements and items on your property and in your home resonate good enengy and attractiveness to buyers. You know it when you see it. Think about your favorite store, building, home, or restaurant. There's something about that place that holds your interest and communicates good energy in its surroundings. In contrast, think of a place you absolutely did not like & couldn't wait to leave. There was something in that environment that was not balanced. You responded unfavorably to that something which was unpleasant. Buyers are no different when visiting your listings. They respond favorably or unfavorably to the energy of a home, building, or structure.

 Staging with Feng Shui can emphasize the positive & cure or minimize the negative aspects of a property. If your property is listed and NOT moving or if buyers are looking and leaving that's a BIG clue. With the proper Feng Shui remedy or enhancement buyers will come out of the woodwork, being drawn to your property and able to connect to it. Thus, resulting in a great match for them and a sale for you! Creating Win-win sitautions is what I can do for you.

Call on me to get it sold!

Gale Larson, owner

ShowCase Residential Staging



according to IRS Pub #523, funds spent on staging a house for sale may be tax deductible as a selling expense. Check with your tax specialtist.



Raylene Lewis
Century 21 Beal, Inc. - College Station, TX

I have been doing a lot of showing where clients were concerned about feng Shui, but I thought that only delt with the floor plan, not the inner staging.

Aug 04, 2008 03:52 PM
Lynda Eisenmann
Preferred Home Brokers - Brea, CA
Broker Associate ,CRS,GRI,SRES, Brea,CA, Orange Co

Hi Gale,

Thanks so much for the info, my feeling were similar to Raylene above. Your comment about" it is the art or science of placement" is something I found interesting.

Aug 04, 2008 03:57 PM
Gale Larson
ShowCase Residential Staging - Palmer, AK

Lynda & Raylene,

thank-you for your comments. What are the specific concerns your clients have about Feng Shui?

Gale Larson

ShowCase Residential Staging

Palmer, Alaska

Aug 04, 2008 04:37 PM