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One of the first things REALTORS ask me when we help them with their web strategy is how do I get found?  We go through the organic process and over PPC options but I hear many tragic stories of agents/brokers who were taken advantage of.  Today I was visiting with a prospective client and she shared that in January she had paid $2000 to some company in California that was going to optimize her site for her.  She has not had one lead off of her site and they took the money and ran.  Make sure you do your homework.  SEO takes time and money.  Consistant time and money not one shot wonders.  I work with a guy who charges a one time set up fee of $350 and monthly between $100 and $240 depending on the number of key words you want optimized.  He produces consistant results and is held accountable for performance.  PPC has worked very well for my clients also.  Keep filling the pipeline with leads so the 4th quarter will be productive.

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Jim Paulson
Progressive Realty (Boise Idaho) - Boise, ID

Josh, I noticed you haven't posted anything since 2008 so I am not sure if you are still active or not.  In case you are . . .


I am hoping that the new group that I started will gain more traction so all of our posts will get more activity.  Please consider starting to post your localized blogs to this site as one of your “groups” instead of the current "Boise Idaho Real Estate" group so we can work on getting more of your blogs featured in the future!  There were only 19 subscribers to this group so I will be contacting each of them to let them know my objective.


Sep 03, 2010 05:43 AM