Exit Realty In Florida offers $50,000 bonus

Real Estate Agent with Realty Professionals of Florida, LLC

What would you do with $50,000.00 - THAT'S RIGHT $Fifty Thousand Dollars$?

EXIT Realty Florida has a great opportunity for their Sellers to add an incentive to help sell their homes - the buyers agent has the 1 and 100 chance of winning $50,000.00 just by showing, selling, and closing on one of the many advertised $50-G listed homes! Look for this $50-G Logo Sign!

Sell a $50-G Listing and get invited to compete for $50,000! Increase your odds - by selling more than ONE $50-G Listing!!


When 100 EXIT-$50-G Properties have closed, the selling associates will be notified of date, time and place to participate in a game of skill hosted by EXIT REALTY FLORIDA

$500.00 paid to EXIT Realty Florida by the Sellers at time of closing

*$50,000.00 will be given to Brokerage Company

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