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Ladies and Gentlemen:


My name is Ingo Hagemann and I am with Hot On! Homes, producer of the TV show on Channel 8.

Our company invented a free tool for Realtors in Dallas / Fort-Worth and Houston to capture new home buyer leads.


It is called the Realtor Lead Generator.


The benefits are:


  1. Capture Buyers!
  2. $3 Million Video Library!
  3. Millions in Builder Incentives!
  4. Increase Traffic!
  5. Accelerate Buying Process!
  6. Schedule Appointments!
  7. Lead Reports!
  8. Link to Your Website!
  9. Instant Lead Alert!
  10. Incentive Coupons Put YOU on The Deal!


In essence, Realtors receive their own free web pages they can link to, outside of their existing one, in order to utilize our $3 Million library of home builder videos, incentives and coupons. In case a Realtor does not have a web site, he/she can use these pages as their web presence. The link would be:


Again, there is no cost involved in using the web pages, video library and builder incentives. The system is underwritten by the builders in DFW and Houston we do business with. Every Realtor should at least know about this opportunity and then decide if they would like to take advantage of this offer.


The sign up page including an instructional video is:


We would be happy to send our Realtor Relations Manager to your office to explain the system to you and your agents. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a meeting, please feel free to call me personally at: 972-661-1975 x 3347.




Ingo Hagemann



Ingo Hagemann, MBA

Director of Strategic Marketing

13748 Neutron Road

Dallas, Tx 75244

972-661-1975 Main x3347

214-695-8456 Cell

972-661-0305 Fax

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