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The best advise I ever received when dealing with the bank in negotiating a Short Sale is "Don't take NO for an answer".   "No" doesn't mean "no", it means not now.  There is always someone who will say "Yes". Even if it means recalling the Loss Mitigation Dept. immediately following a phone conversation with a representative that you got nowhere with.  Persistence, without obnoxiously bothering everyone who picks up the phone, will bring results. 

Occasionally, I hit a wall.  Then ask for the manager or the person who heads the department. 

Little tricks of the trade like dialing the 5 digit extension number changing the last number until a human actually talks to you. 

Then there are the out-sourcedcalls to India where the person on the other end is reading a script, takes all your loan information more than once just to torture you and then transfers you to Customer Service.  Refuse to give them the information and ask to be transferred directly to the Short Sale Dept.  I always compliment them for their fluent attempt at speaking English when I can actually understand what they are saying.

There have been incidents that there is no way around the systematic routine of going through several transfers before you find the person who can answer your questions.  Always pleasantly enjoying the experience, I ask questions along the way to help me understand that particular banks process because they are all different.  When I am interested in their job they are more apt to give me the information I need to help me with my job. 

Sometimes accidents happen. I was told by a colleague that one time he accidentally pushed option number 2 for Spanish speaking.  He decided to wait on the line and after telling the representative what his objective was he found he had actually connected to the only US based office that could easily connect him to the person he needed to talk to.  You just never know!

Please share your tips.  I would love to hear them.  I am always learning.

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