Amarillo Real Estate Market is Great

Real Estate Agent with Lyons Realty

I know that I have covered this topic before but I feel that it needs to be brought up again. When I am out and about or if I am watching TV at home I hear how bad the housing market is, the sky is falling. And I agree, if you live in California, Arizona, Nevada and Florida but not hear in Amarillo and Canyon. Anytime property values are doubling in a year you are going to eventually have a drop, Amarillo and Canyon luckily have a gradual increase in values year to year. Comparing last year sales to YTD sales this year we are behind a little but not much, the great thing is that home prices are still rising at a controlled rate. Long story short we are blessed to be in such a great area, crime is low, we have a low unemployment and great schools. If you would like to relocate to our great city call me and I would be glad to show you around.

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