How Much longer do we wait for the market to turn or seller to change thinking?

Real Estate Agent with Commercial Real Estate Boca Raton LLC

I started working in real estate in 2000 after college, went on to get my brokers license and opened my own firm, market went down, thought well I will go with a nationally known company - then work on listings and hopefully get buyers!! How much longer do you hang onto a job that your clients who are paying us a great commission don't listen to a word we say-  stage the home, lower the price- look at the competition!!! THey all want to make way more than they should and end up losing in the long run! I hope they start to change their thinking because it will be a long while until it turns up to what they want and the truth is it probably was never as high priced as they think!!  Sellers listen to the professionals- I am so sick of hearing sellers blame us, I have actully turned away clients who have a realtor that I know works hard and I tell them to talk to their agent!!

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