Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents/Brokers

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Direct Mail


·  Hand write a thank-you note to a prospect or customer             ·  Get price estimates for the printing and mailing of your direct-mail campaign                                                                      ·  Compose an e-mail sales letter

·  Write an article or other text for your newsletter



·  Invite a customer or prospect to your office for coffee or to discuss new ideas  

·  Recognize a special prospect or customer                               ·  Plan your networking calendar for the week

·  Call to follow up with networking contacts



·Make a list of press release ideas                                        ·  Write a press release           


·  Brainstorm advertising concepts                                               Visit a competitor's website

·  Post new information on your website

· Call a newspaper and ask who the feature editor is for your area of expertise

· Write an article to pitch to your local business organization


Planning & Materials

·  Visit a few marketing-related websites                                     · Enter customer or prospect names into a database

·  Brainstorm new product or service ideas                             ·  Develop a checklist, top-ten list or other information as a response to a marketing hook                                                  ·  Get contact information from media outlets

·  Develop your benefit list and compare to it to your competition            ·  Develop a series of survey questions    

·  Plan a new customer service activity that will truly delight your customers

Call a few prospects or customers to get their e-mail contact information


New Products and Services

·  Work on new product development and introduction ideas

·  Plan a renaming of your products                                                   ·  Mail samples of your product to top prospects 



·  Write a pitch letter to a radio or TV station                                 ·  Brainstorm ideas for an "enter to win" contest

·  Brainstorm tagline ideas                                                         ·  Develop a coupon for your product or service


·  Rewrite your phone's on-hold message script


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