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I am curious to see how many other agents have experience a similar run in while showing homes?  Last week I was showing a home to one of my clients and we were looking at the home for about 5 min when we headed towards the master bedroom.  About 5 feet from the door a large Pit Bull charged myself and my clients and started Barking!!!!  Needless to say we were a little frightened especially since the dog was a full grown male pit Bull and here were are strangers in his home by ourselves without his owners being present.  Luckily the dog was friendly and we did not get bitten,  however the situation then became strange when we tried to leave the dog ran out the door and decided he wanted to play in the community for about 20 min. while I tried to round him up and get him back in the home.  As soon as I got the dog back inside, I called the listing agent and demanded to know why I was not informed there was a dog in the home, and if the owners knew there was going to be a showing and they were not going to be present, why did they not lock the dog up?  Don't get me wrong, I am an animal lover, as I have 2 wonderful Boxers (Bruiser and Buster)  However, I know as a responsible dog owner, you should never put anyone in a situation like the one I had.  For the safety of the agent, client and especially the dog, there needs to be better communication when pets are involved in homes listed for sale!!!  what do you think?

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Jessica Beganski
William Raveis Real EState - West Hartford, CT


I am an animal lover, too, and even own a pit bull mix and an Akita/German Shepherd mix - two "aggressive" breed dogs. I am a very experienced owner and am very comfortable with dogs.

However, I know enough that if a dog is in his territory and you enter it, you never know what may happen.

I've visited several homes where the dog was loose and sometimes agitated.  I even had one little dog try to bite me - albeit my ankles. Even though I love dogs, I had no problem kicking the dog away from me.

My policy is this - if there is a dog the agent didn't tell me about in the home, I don't enter. If there is a dog loose, I enter first (I carry biscuits in the car) lour him/her to a safe location and shut the door. I'll try to call the agent so they can call the owner but if that doesn't work, I'm outta there.

Even if the agent tells me the dog is friendly, I've had clients deathly afraid of dogs or highly allergic to them so it's just a good policy not to have them around for the showing.

I think it's dangerous and irresponsible to have your dogs at home for showings and I have no problem telling listing agents this.



Aug 06, 2008 12:44 AM