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Do you have a mentor or someone that you admire or even look up too? 

Who is your HERO?and with everything that is going on today did you forget about them?

Do you value the way this person conducts themselves?

I thought to myself the other day Why do I love my job? I love the annoying Realtors that consider themselves to be a god or what we know them as "SHARKS" but, I know who they are and I think it in my mind. I don't allow them to get to me and I just do whats in the best interest of my clients. That's when I know god will bless me. I lose a deal and win a deal and money is tight.  God, has a plan and we forget that sometimes. SO, My hero is WILL SMITH. I could go on and on why he is my hero, but you should think about finding a hero to focuss on your goals to sucess.

So what do you value about this job?

What I value the most it's working with people who appreciate me and my knowledge in this field. I say hey what would WILL SMITH do! The experience of making my clients dream of home ownership come true is a blessing. The only reason I bring up the fact that if you love your job and if you have someone that you look up to is right now we all need to be professionals and conduct ourselves as to how our Hero's would be like or do.  Most of the time our Hero's are people who have riches in there lives and are at peace. Allow god's plan to be at work in real estate or find another job. Some of us are sick of the negative attitudes! I hope this might make you consider the next time your working with an agent that your no less then they are! and think about your clients needs. So think again and again

"Do you love your Job."

God Bless and lets get our attidues making us money!

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