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Isn't this what most of us want to wake up and see from our balcony every morning?  Don't most of us work hard every day so we can retire or semi-retire and buy a home in paradise?


Something happened to me in Cancun that has kept a doubt in the back of my mind since last year.

As we were leaving our all inclusive resort in Cancun after a weeks stay.  By the way, it was the MINT-AMPI Real Estate conference which I attended and also took my family-business and pleasure!!).  We were sad to leave and we jumped into the taxi for the airport.  We started a coversation with the driver and we were all telling him how lucky he is to be living in paradise.  My mother mentioned to him "You must be at the beach everyday?!" (The beaches are absolutely amazing anywhere in the Caribbean waters)

His response was "Oh the beaches, yeah I go about once a year.  I really don't have time".  He said that whether he lived there or anywhere else didn't matter much to him.  We all were surprised at his comment.  We left it at that and returned safely home.

For me, that comment made me think alot and it has changed the way I see many things.  I thought "Here is a fellow that is where I dream of being one day and he sees no value of being so close to what I want to wake up and see everyday"  My phone, computer, paintings, pictures all over my home and office of are beach areas. 

Maybe I am shooting for something that in the end won't be enough.  In other words, is the grass not greener on the other side?  Maybe the taxi driver did not have the disposable income that is needed to relax and enjoy it.

One good thing that changed is I now value more what I have and where I am at this point in my life.  Why, because if I work so hard that I don't enjoy myself now, I might regret all this hard work when I get to paradise and realize it was not 100% worth what I gave up. 

What do you guys think?  I would love to hear from our friends that are already working and living in Mexico.  Please tell me that it's worth all our hard work!!


Aniruddha Badola
Enovabiz Solutions - Dallas, TX
Real Estate SEO

Taxi driver has lived all his life there so doesn't care too much about beaches. Probably, once he goes somewhere else far from his place he will miss beaches. He is taking his surroundings for granted and too busy with his day to day struggles to indulge in pleasures and luxuries.

Also, you will live a nice place with most of your problems taken care of and all amenities provided, so that you can enjoy your stay in Mexico. But alas, driver cannot afford that.

Whenevr I go to my native place in hills, I tell my hosts and others..wow! how lucky they are!. I have to just say that and they reel off their list of woes. Locals know about more about the place and then we as tourists know.

Aug 10, 2008 04:24 PM
Krista L. Walker
RE/MAX Platinum Medford - Medford, OR
Oregon- Homes & Real Estate for Sale

I think this is true for most people most places.  You appreciate things more when you dont have them

Oct 10, 2008 11:49 AM