Choosing Your Portland Neighborhood

Real Estate Agent with Oregon Realty Company

You've probably heard about the three major determinants of Portland real estate values are: 1) location, 2) location and 3) location. This is not only true about real estate in Portland; it is true about real estate in general. . If you cannot afford what you want where you want it, give up something inside the house rather than settling on a lesser location.

The fact is that much of the value of Portland real estate and real estate in general rests in its surrounding economic and social environment, which means it's neighborhood. In addition to being located in the right neighborhood, the Portland real estate that you buy must not clash with its surroundings. To picture what we mean here, visualize the most expensive home you can imagine and then place it in the middle of a run down neighborhood. Not so desirable is it?

To sum up, the Portland real estate that you buy gets its value from a combination of the home's location and its size, style, age and amenities. You can change the home's size, style and amenities but you are stuck with the location.

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