Sacramento Area Cyclist's Secret... Clarksburg

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Cyclist's gather at Freeport Bridge

Looking for a beautiful area to go for either a leisurely or hard-core-workout bike ride? I know the secret! It's Clarksburg. If you are a road bike enthusiast/cyclist you may already know this, because I pass many of you (in my car) every day and evening.

Where else can you be assured of a nice Delta breeze, infrequent traffic, great scenery and motorists who make way for you AND offer a friendly wave? Why it's our little Delta Haven of Clarksurg.

Map out a start point of Holland Market (in Clarksburg proper), down Netherlands Road/west, to Jeffereson Boulevard/north to one of these roads:

Shortest route: Jefferson/north to Central/east which connects to Netherlands/east, back to the market.

Middle length route: Jefferson/north to Clarksburg Road/east to River Road/south to Netherlands/west and you are back at the market.

A little longer: Jefferson/north to Willow Point Road/east, to Willow Avenue (you will pass the Sugar Mill where you can get a great glass of wine if you time it right), to Sacramento Street to North School or North Central-- they both end at the Holland Market.

Longest route: Jefferson/north to Babel Slough Road. Babel Slough Road only goes one way. There is a fork in the raod. Go right on pumphouse for a bumpy/mountain bike ride that takes you past Winchester Lake. You may see water skiers out here. Or go left on Babel Slough to River Road. It's a little like being in the Bayou, lots of overhanging trees along the water, but very cool. Almost no traffic. Once you hit the river road, head south on the river road to Netherlands where you will see the market.  

If I've made any mapping errors forgive me. To those of you who are thinking of trying this, please map it out on Google for yourself as well. Enjoy your bike ride and if I see you I'll make lots of room...


Jefferson Blvd in Clarksburg

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