Does anyone HaveDigital Telephone Service?

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I am curious to see if anyone has digital telephone service in their office from one of the local cable/internet companies?  We have brighthouse networks here in central Florida and they offer a great deal on Digital phone service delivered via cable for a great low rate of $50 bucks per line for unlimited calls and long distance.  this is a real savings if it works, as I am currently using embarq and I am paying over $600 per month.  So I want to know if anyone has a similar service and if so does it work well and does it work with a phone system/voicemail system?  I used to use Vonage, and that was terrible and I do not want to switch back to that type of inconsistent service.  So please give me your feedback!!!

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We use packet8!  It is like Vontage but for businesses.  The saved us about $350 a month.  The negative... we occasionally have dropped calls. Overall a good decision for our company.  We did get a fax line through their service which was horrible so we had to get a land line for that.

Aug 06, 2008 02:46 PM
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Digital telephone service like those from Accessline/Comcast and public internet VoIP services like packet8/vonage are actually substantially different. All are digital, but digital carrier services control the voice traffic end to end while public internet VoIP services have no control over the voice end to end - leading to jitter and dropped calls. 

Traditional phone service is still the most reliable and increasingly competitive with digital and VoIP services. Digital services vary by carrier but some are very reliable. Public internet VoIP is a risk, honestly is it worth saving $350/mo to suffer some dropped calls? One lost deal due to a dropped call probably costs more. 

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Nov 30, 2008 01:35 PM