How many realtors are left?

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Wow what a strange couple of years we have seen in the real estate industry!!!  I think about 2 years ago we must of had twice the number of realtors than what we have now!!!  I have seen offices go from over 400 agents to now only have 75.  I do not think this is an office specific problem, I think it is across the board....I have seen the local board of realtors tighten their belts since their membership as dropped and I would guess that over all we have lost 30-40% of the realtors as a whole.  Where did they go?   I also have heard that the rate of students applying for state licenses has also declined.....maybe this is the cleansing we needed, and we should be thankful....maybe this is reality and people have just found other ways to make a living.  No matter what the Real Estate market will still move, grow, and develop with or without some of the (dead) weight!!!

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Erin Newington
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Just means more business for the rest of us!  I have noticed lately the drop off rate has increased this year.

Aug 06, 2008 02:28 PM