Private wells and water test requirements for USDA, VA, and FHA closings.

Services for Real Estate Pros with Florida Environmental Labs

As the laboratory director of a certified water testing lab serving Naples, Fort Myers, North Port and surrounding areas, we are doing a lot more water tests for USDA, VA and FHA closings lately.

It is nice to see this area picking up some steam.

Along with the added work, we are also are also seeing an increase in "I need it yesterday" calls from agents telling us (voices a little tense) that they thought everything was in order for the closing and then the bank called (usually the day before closing) and asked for the water test reports...According to a lot of our clients, this is the first time they ever heard anything about water tests. 

So I guess my advice is this- ask the lender specifically whether water tests will be needed for the closing. 

If they say "no", try to get their response in writing (email) for your records.

If they say "yes", give us a call, give us the address of the property and an email address to send the certified report and invoice to and you're done.

Good Luck to you in all your good endeavors


John Henry Baird

Lab Director

Florida Environmental Laboratories