Haphazard Home Hunting

Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Catapano Homes

Some serious buyers go from open house to open house on weekends rather than enlist the services of a Real Estate Broker. They follow open house signs without knowing price, floor plan or the home condition. Buyers are losing out on the opportunity of finding their right home.  Real Estate Brokers do the groundwork by finding houses that fit buyers needs, wants and price range.


Agents have the ability to work together with buyers and help them decide what will work best for them.  Haphazard searching looks like and easy way to find a house but with no professional real estate help it is frustrating and a waste of valuable time for the purchaser and they may miss out on their dream house!


A more serious problem can present itself when buyers have sold their present home and are anxious to buy a new home - they go from open house to open house, have no system and may not even keep records of what they have seen - Haphazard Home Hunting!! They need the help of a professional Real Estate Broker.


When working with an agent homes are selected to fit buyers needs and wants.  A Broker or Agent will use information from the buyer and work hard to find them a home.  Enlisting the services of a Buyer Broker should be considered - they will work extra hard to find a home for their customers.


I work hard with my customers to target what they really need -


Many may come to Open Houses but few will find it to be their next home!

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