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So who wants money--- It is very puzzling to understand the American public as consumers, investors or as responsible people sometimes.  Right now it seems the majority of them have put themseles in a position to where they have engaged in financing with loan purveyors and intituitons that have offered them products that lead to their financial ruin.  Being a mortgage broker with Clarion Mortgage Capital and a Real Estate agent with Gold Circle Realty, I can't understand this behavior.  I spent most of my time as a mortgage broker.  Now I'm wanting to be a real estate salesman in this tough market.  I like a challenge.  Well anyway.   Here in the Clear Lake area of California, lending amd being a real estate broker is even a bigger challenge,  A transaction in Lake County here, is likely to yield about 1/8 what it would in the San Francisco  bay area.  But challenge aside, plod on.  What is deveoping in Lake county is cash flow properties.  Inexpensive properties that will not drain your pocket with the promise of great apprecaition but rather simply pay for itself as your modest equity matures. Not all ot the properties but someselect ones.  You would think there would people breaking their necks to get the properties and there have been some rumblings.  But I have offered resonable people deals that are good dealsand they wanely nod off and look for the negative cash flow promise in the big city. Most people do not understand plus and minus.  I guess that is why it is so easy to see finanicial people just out of high school doing loans for people.  Doing loans so agressive that these loans and purchses are guaranteeed to go into forclosure.  The common citizen must think he is playing a game or something.  Just as banks undergo huge losses with foreclosures, so do individuals.  Lost closing costs, moving costs, credit damage costs.  Both loose thousands.  I think some federal trigger must be telling people when to demand to be ruined financially or try to make a good deal.  Unfortunately I 'm thinking a lot of people are set on finding  people who can take advantage of them. It  probably begins with someone offering financing or a real estate deal that is set with misrepresentations or I hate to say it "anything 'but' the truth".  And there you go off to loose your credit, savings, future.  If you want clear options, private consulation and business representaion, you might want to call me.  Golde Circle Realty, we do it all, and we understand that you really want a good deal whaen you buy real estate or finance real estate.  Gold Circle Realty  707 998-3035 Clear Lake, California

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Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV


 I came across your post and wanted to comment because I drove through Clear Lake California three weeks ago on my visit to Fortuna California.

 And I don't understand why all these people would prefer SF, LA, or any big city for Real Estate investments. I live in Las Vegas and I can't stand the big cities, that's why I am making a 3 year goal to get out of here and retire. Even if I am only 50 years old.

When I drove through Clear Lake I feel in love with the area, because I was born and raised in a State that has over 10,000 lakes.

 My opinion, lakes are a great investment. That's why I have three different properties on lakes.


Aug 07, 2008 06:06 PM
Larry Littlejohn
Gold Circle Realty - Clearlake Oaks, CA
Larry Littlejohn RE Broker



Thanks for liking our neck of the woods.  You know we have the largest natural lake in California only bested by The Salton Sea which was created by intentional fooding.  Lots of room to run the boat and strech out on the boat in a cove.  Tons of fishing contests great the Spring time of year.  I would love sell you some of this.  If you want to send some one my way, greatly appreciated.  Loved your Burma photo.   

Aug 07, 2008 06:25 PM