Oak Hill Additions - Rogers - Arkansas

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Oak Hill Marketing Information

Area Sales First Six Months of 2008 - Oal Hill Addition (All Units & Phases)- Rogers, Arkansas     
# Solds  Factors        Size        Price        Per Sq/ft     Sold Date        DOM
     3      Average     1,683    $123,200     $73.52       5/11/2008       263
             Minimum    1,577    $115,000     $64.25       3/17/2008         36
             Maximum   1,790    $130,000     $79.01       6/12/2008       575

Watch for for more up-dates on this and other selected subdivisions within Northwest Arkansas within the next few days.  I will be up-dating several to include the first seven months information as soon as I get time.  These figures will be available along with information on active listings and expireds.  I hope you will be able to follow these posts, and that the information provided can be worked into your presentations to show your clients what is actually happening to real estate in our area. 

I'm a good guy, but not all that good.  I'll probably sneak in a link or two on property that I list from time to time, but I'll try to hold that to a minimum.  But here is one example of Blatant Commercialism that you may find on my market Report Blogs  www.halspicks.com

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