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Clear Lake California, "I'm Number1"

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I'm number one. What is it like to be number one.  You know there is that Lake that sticks into California a bit, Tahoe?  Lake Tahoe,  Yosemite National park has some Lakes.  Southern California has some big lakes, but I'm number 1.  Thousands of years ago nature got all bent out of shape and created me, 1300 feet above sea level in the mountains northeast of San Francisco.  I'm called Clear Lake, the California one.  And how is it everybody doesn't know me, I'm number 1, the largest natural lake in California.  I'm really big, you can skip along the surface of me for mile after mile after mile.  You love speed breezing on me.  You can lazy away quite a few hours on me, rolling back and forth till you get what you wanted calmed out of you, rest.  You can let your eyes take a breather exploring a moving thing of monumental proportion day after day after day.  I am one heck of a bath tub.  And It gets hot all around me in the good old summer time, but don't worry, I don't make it too humid and messy for you.  You want to live near me?  Come on, there is lots of places to live near me.  Lakeside, hillside, or in a bundle on homes some where on my shores.  My number one real estate agent is Larry Littlejohn, broker-agent with Gold Circle Realty in Clearlake Oaks.  Gold Circle Realty likes me and wants everybody to see and enjoy me.  Call my friend, Larry if you want to invest in, here.  There is solid potential and an it's an area that still yields cashflow property.  Did you know we have people living around me in homes from 50,000 to  $5,000,000. But don't flip out, most everybody is content to live in something they would call, easy-to-pay for.  But its all here .  Clear Lake California  --Larry Littlejohn  707 998-3035 in Clearlake Oaks -----I 'm a 100 miles northeast of the other reference mark, the 'Golden Gate Bridge', if you want to find me, or 'good old Larry'.

Vickie Nagy
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Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen

title got my attention Larry, and I then found it interesting voice for a blog, to speak as the lake.

Aug 07, 2008 07:18 PM