Large Entertaining Grill, another advanced Homeowner project

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Large Entertaining Grill

Advanced Homeowner Project

Home Realty Group Grill  


This project is located at the office of Home Realty Group in Yadkinville NC.  Materials and labor if hired out should be around $4000.00.  A homeowner can save approx. half of the total cost of the project by doing the work themselves.  It is at least a week project.


Day 1:  You will need to do your homework and have a detailed list of materials and dimensions for your project.  The grill itself determines much of the sizes you will be working with.  Large capacity grills and ones with side burners will take up more space and you will need to build your sitting area and serving area to the appropriate size.  The above grill is proportioned to be used in with groups of 20 or more.  A cement slab was poured first with the cement being brought in by truck. On level ground a footer is not needed, but pour the slab to a thickness of at least 5 inches.  In colder weather, put down a 4 inch base of rock to help alleviate the affects of heaving. 


Day 2:  You are now ready to lay the foundation of cement block.  A mason can do this in one day and do it correctly.  If you have masonry skills, then go ahead and lay the block.  Since the block will be faced with rock, the level and plumb of the block is the most important thing to accomplish.  Set the block exactly at the edge of the pad, when the rock is attached, it will overhang the pad.  While the block mortar is setting up, lay out your rock as to size and shape.  This will speed up the project when you get to that phase.


Day 3:  You are now ready to attach the stone.  To practice, dry stack the stone for a couple of feet or two to get the hang of leveling the rock.  Use different sizes to help make an attractive natural look.  A mason can do this better than you.  Hire one.  Yes, hire one.  The final project needs to be done correctly. 


Day 4:  It's time for the top.  On the above project, an interior pressure treated wood frame was used to bear the weight of the concrete top.  The frame had supports every two feet.  We then placed a top of plywood over the frame.  Do not extend the plywood over the frame onto the block.  We used a 2 x 6 pressure treated board to outline and top the block, securing it will lag bolts.  The block had previously filled with concrete.  So at this point you have a frame in which to pour your top.  For water tightness, we placed a 3m liner over the plywood and stapled it to the 2 x 6.  To hide the screws and to provide additional framing for a thicker top, we next placed a 2 x 8 over the 2 x 6 overhanging on the inside.  Pour concrete for the top, using the wood frame as a level.  Don't worry about some of the concrete getting on the wood.  Stucco the interior walls of the grill area with extra mortar


Hoe Realty Group Grill 


Day 5:  We attached a 2 x 4 band around the frame to give us an overhang.  We also used Plexiglas doors for see through purposes and to secure the storage areas.  The storage areas are great for umbrellas, folding chairs and other outdoor items.  We created a roll out dolly of extra wood to help remove larger heavier items.  The left side contains a 12 x 12 tent with all the trimmings to cover the entire grill area.  Hint; do not cover with fabric while cooking. Your covering will get smoke and grease on it and it may be dangerous.  We use the tent beside the grill for tables and sun cover. 



This is an installment in the continuing series of home owner projects prepared by the Home Realty Group and White Oak Custom Homes.  It is intended for basic information and Home Realty Group and White Oak Custom Homes accepts any liability for damages or injuries.  For more information, please contact our offices.

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