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Your Jacksonville, Florida home is the largest financial commitment you'll ever undertake. Working with an experienced honest, and customer-focused Jacksonville Mortgage Lender can smooth the way from application to closing.

Call 1st Continental Mortgage today at 1-800-570-0448 to get started on your next Jacksonville Florida home loan.

Visit Click>>>1st Continental MortgageClick of Jacksonville specializes in the FHA HOME Loans'. With So many advantages its no wonder it's the first choice for so many Jacksonville Florida homebuyers and homeowners.


•·        Low Down Payment requirements of 3% and 100% financing options available.

•·       95% of Appraised Value for a Cash-Out Refinance

•·        FHA Streamline Refinance  

•·        NO Income Maximum Limits

•·        Gift Funds: 3% down payment can come from FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER OR NON PROFIT

•·         Seller CAN PAY UP TO 6% OF YOUR CLOSING COST!

•·        Down Payment Assistance  for Texas Homebuyers 

•·        NO Cash Reserves Required

•·        Gap in Employment OK

•·        Self Employed OK

•·        Permanent Alien OK

•·        NO pre-payment penalty

•·        FHA Secure

•·       FHA Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out a Quick Application Call us with any questions in regards to FHA financing at 954-391-8387


1st Continental is Jacksonville Florida based Mortgage lender and can locate the right Florida Mortgage  and deliver low rates, the best terms, and unsurpassed customer service. Jacksonville Florida residence can count on 1st continental Mortgage to delivers every time., "No question that the details of every mortgage transaction are critical, but the most important decision that any Florida homebuyer or homeowner makes financing or refinancing a home is choosing a mortgage broker," says Todd Miller. "Unlike a Bank, a quality mortgage broker business can offer clients much lower, rates and better financing terms. The ability to provide Mortgage programs many choices from many lenders actually saves Jacksonville Florida borrowers thousands of dollars a year."

Florida Home Loan Programs

Not two generations ago, it was difficult for home buyers in Florida to get a mortgage from their local financial institution without a 20% Downpayment. Few people could manage the savings required and many otherwise qualified Floridians didn't get approved for the funds to buy a home in Florida because they did not have the minimum Downpayment to qualify for a Florida Mortgage.

Although recent problems in the subprime market have made lenders more careful about how they extend credit, it's still very possible to buy a home in Florida with little or no money down. To learn more about our Florida home buyer programs, just give us a call at 1-800-570-0448 or use our quick application to inquire today!

No Money Down Programs for Florida Home Buyers

For sure, it is much easier today to be a Florida home buyer than it was a generation ago. Even if you don't have substantial savings or perfect credit, 1st Continental Mortgage works with many lenders still willing to make loans to borrowers with limited cash for Downpayment

In fact, today in Florida 7 out of 10 first time home buyers make a Downpayment of 10% or less. A good many Floridians buy their homes with no money down at all.

Because most people who sell an existing home have some equity which can be applied to making the Downpayment on the new home, no down payment financing is most attractive to Florida first time home buyers. However, these loans are an option for all home buyers whether they have equity from a prior sale or not.

Don't be persuaded that your lack of a Downpayment means you can't become a Florida homeowner. Call 1-800-570-0448 or use our quick application to find out how simple it is to take advantage of 1st Continental Mortgage's excellent no money down mortgage programs.

With 10 plus years of helping home buyers and first time home buyers become homeowners, the skilled and experienced mortgage lenders of 1st Continental Mortgage can help you own a Florida home using these excellent no money down Mortgage programs:

  • 106% Financing For Florida Home buyers - Closing costs in Florida vary but typically run from 4-6 percent of the value of the transaction. Using a 106% Florida mortgage is an excellent way to create a truly no money down home mortgage. Call 1-800-570-0448 to get pre-approved for this no money down program today! Quick Application!
  • 105% Financing For Florida Home buyers - Right now sellers of homes are a little more flexible in dealing with prospective Florida home buyers because of the slower Florida housing market. That means 105% financing is often enough to produce a true no money down real estate transaction for the Florida real estate buyer, especially if your Realtor® can negotiate some help from the selling side. To learn more about our 105% mortgage programs, call 1-800-570-0448 or apply securely online for a no money down Florida mortgage. Quick Application!
  • 103% Financing for Florida Home buyers - Having an experienced Mortgage Lender working with you and your Realtor® in structuring your offer to purchase is one way that many Florida home buyers get to the closing table with 103% financing. Our loan officers are standing by to answer any questions you might have about our mortgage programs for home buyers at 1-800-570-0448. Call now for a quote on 103% financing or any our other Florida lending no money down mortgage programs! We can get you a loan whether you're financing a modular home in Broward County or a single family block home in Orange County. We will make a fixed rate no money down home loan easy! Quick Application!
  • 100% Financing For Florida Home Buyers - Interest rates are at historic lows and an oversupply of well built homes with high days on market! Florida home buyers should not let the lack of funds for a Downpayment make them miss what looks to be one of the best buying opportunities in Florida residential real estate in many years. A 1st Continental Mortgage representative will be happy to discuss how you can buy your Florida home with 100% finance lending. Call 1-800-570-0448, or inquire using our contact form for a no obligation quote on 100% financing from our best Florida lenders. Quick Application!
  • 80/20 Financing For Florida Home buyers - Although private mortgage insurance is now deductible in many cases, many of our Florida mortgage clients want to avoid PMI but still get 100% financing. We have structured many combo loans with an 80% first mortgage and a 20% Second Mortgage or home equity line of credit to avoid PMI and still achieve a purchase money mortgage with no Downpayment requirements. Call 1-800-570-0448 or use our contact form for a quote on an 80/20 no money down combo mortgage to buy your Florida dream home. Quick Application!
  • 97% Financing For Florida Home buyers - A few years ago a seller's agent faced multiple offers and could pit Florida home buyers against each other in a bidding war before accepting the highest and best offer. Now home buyers can drive through subdivisions in most Florida metros and find plenty of for sale signs. Motivated seller's agents are receptive and often willing to kick in 3 to 9% toward buyer's closing costs and Downpayment without a corresponding increase in the offered price. In this way, even 97% financing can become the way to buy a Florida home with very little money out of pocket. Call 1st Continental Mortgage right now at 1-800-570-0448 for full details on our 97% Florida mortgage loans. Quick Application!



At 1st Continental Mortgage of Jacksonville "We invite prospective mortgage customer to ask for our references and to speak with past and current clients," says Jane. "Our mortgage fees are very competitive, but our customer service is what makes us much different. We are proactive, friendly, and knowledgeable about every aspect of the homebuyer process and provide the best mortgage products with the top lenders in Jacksonville, Florida and beyond."

The team of dedicated Jacksonville Florida loan specialists at 1st Continental Mortgage has helped thousands of Florida Home Buyers and homeowners find the money they needed for home loans as small as a 50k Home Equity line of credit or as big as a Super Jumbo Mortgage to purchase a Jacksonville, Florida  estate home.

First Time Home Buyer Loans in  Jacksonville, Florida

At 1st Continental Mortgage , we love to help Jacksonville Florida First Home Time Buyers. And specialize in the FHA home loan. Our loan representatives know the best programs to help Jacksonville homebuyers get into a home. Florida 1st time home buyer programs and the inside scoop on incentives from the State of Florida, county governments, community housing agencies and Jacksonville private lenders.

Over half the loans that we originated last year were for Jacksonville first time home buyers and Jacksonville Florida homeowners. Even for buyers with sub par credit,1st Continental Mortgage .Home Loan pros have secured funding using our exceptional FHA Loan Alternative mortgage programs.

With 30-year Jacksonville Mortgage fixed home loan mortgage rates at levels near their best in 40 years, it make sense to get pre qualified for a Jacksonville, Florida Mortgage today! Call 1-800-570-0448 toll free to reach 1st Continental,  for a no cost prequalification.

Jacksonville Florida, Mobile Home Financing

No matter if you call it a factory built home, a manufactured home, a modular home, or a prefabricated home; smart Florida financing Mobile Home Buyers know that manufactured homes offer them comparable quality, lower costs per square foot and dramatically quicker build times than a traditional site built home.

These new mobile homes in Jacksonville, Florida are a world better in quality and Construction than the single and double wide trailer homes of a generation ago. Not only has the quality of manufactured and modular housing improved dramatically for Florida home buyers, but now there are also more Jacksonville, Florida mobile home mortgage programs for manufactured homes and better home loan options for modular home buyers in Citrus County and the other Florida cities we serve.

Most industries in Florida switched to factories and assembly lines over one hundred years ago. Only Florida home builders were left behind. Many still cling to the outdated belief that the only way to build a home is by delivering materials and workers to the vacant lot and managing subcontractors for 6 months to a year.

Not true.

It should be no surprise that the fastest growing segments of the housing market today are Jacksonville, Florida manufactured homes and modular homes.

As Mortgage Lenders, we at 1st Continental Mortgage have helped scores of Jacksonville clients from first time home buyers to vacation home buyers secure excellent FHA home loans to achieve mobile and modular home financing. If you need a loan for a mobile home on land, a modular home in a Jacksonville Florida subdivision or a manufactured home on acreage - please call 1-800-570-0448 or apply online today using our quick application.

As a Jacksonville, family owned mortgage brokerage, we never charge any fee for applying for a Jacksonville mortgage. Call 1-800-570-0448 or use our Quick Inquiry form to reach a 1st Continental Mortgage first time home buyer specialist.

Teachers, Fire Fighters, and Police Officer Jacksonville, Florida Mortgage Programs

If you or your spouse works for the Duval County School Board, you may qualify for a Jacksonville special mortgage discount for Florida teachers. At 1st Continental Mortgage, we are part of a program to offer discounts on mortgages to Florida teachers and school board employees. Although, we initially only offered the My Community Florida Educator Discount Program in Tampa, Florida, we are now able to offer mortgage discounts to Florida teachers statewide.

The My Community program allows for easier loan qualification, more lenient Down payment requirements, and options for 100% financing. To learn more about this innovative mortgage discount program for Florida teachers, contact 1st Continental Mortgage, at 1-800-570-0448

In addition to serving Florida teachers, the My Community home loan discounts are available to Fire Fighters and Jacksonville Sheriff's Office employees. "It's vital the Police Officers and Fire Fighters in Jacksonville, Florida to be able to Afford to live in the communities they protect. That's part of the thinking behind offering lower cost mortgage options to Jacksonville law enforcement officers and Fire Fighters.

Jacksonville Financing for Luxury Homes

It wasn't always this way, but today even a tear down puts you in Jumbo Mortgage territory in quite a few of Jacksonville's more affluent neighborhoods. If you are looking at waterfront property or buying a single family home for over 417k, we would be happy to help you secure the best combination of rate and terms on your Florida Jumbo or Super Jumbo mortgage.

For a no cost good faith estimate on your Jumbo of Super Jumbo Jacksonville home loan, contact Capital Lending Corp. directly at 1st Continental Mortgage, at 1-800-570-0448 has lender relationships in place to handle Florida home loans up to $10 million.

Refinance Home loan in Jacksonville, Florida

"Can you help me refinance out of my Florida adjustable rate mortgage?" Recently, these are the first words that we've been hearing from many Jacksonville, Florida homeowners. If you've just gotten word that your Florida mortgage payments could be adjusting upward because of a nasty up tick in the LIBOR, CMT or other index, call 1st Continental Mortgage, at 1-800-570-0448

In many cases, we can give you the security of a mortgage with fixed payments without any out of pocket expense. We even have some fixed rate programs with lender paid closing costs. You're banking the savings from day one and sleeping better with the security of a low fixed rate Florida home loan!

At 1st Continental Mortgage of Jacksonville we never charge an application fee for any Jacksonville, Florida Refinance Loan and our loan representative will do a full break-even analysis on any refinance option that you are considering. Even if you are refinancing in Jacksonville, Florida with another mortgage broker and not getting the rate or service you deserve, call 1st Continental Mortgage, at 1-800-570-0448or use our Quick Inquiry to learn more. We'll be happy to give you a free Second Mortgage quote on your Jacksonville, Florida refinance!

Stop Foreclosure Loans in Jacksonville, Florida

We don't buy houses when people are having trouble with their payments and we don't want yours. We only want to help you stay in your home and save it from foreclosure. If you never expected to have to type "Save My Florida Home from foreclosure" into Google or yahoo, we understand. You may be 60, 90, or even 120 days behind on your mortgage. You're probably stressed and possibly close to just giving up.

Please make one more phone call to Capital Lending Corp. Let's see if we can refinance your Jacksonville mortgage. As part of the refinance, we may be able to roll the past due into a new mortgage with a longer term and a more manageable monthly payment.

Don't let the late fees and collection costs mount add up call 1st Continental Mortgage, at 1-800-570-0448 right now to refinance. We may be able to help save your Florida home from being sold on the courthouse steps. The consultation is free and completely confidential. Wouldn't it feel great to be current again and have a fresh start? Call 1st Continental Mortgage, at 1-800-570-0448today and ask about how we can help you: "Save my home from Foreclosure in Jacksonville, Florida"

Refinance out of Chapter. 13 Bankruptcy Jacksonville, Florida

Once the Florida  bankruptcy judge grants your stay and the creditor calls stop, it can be tough to feel anything but relief as you enter Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

If all goes according to plan, you will emerge from Jacksonville Florida bankruptcy in a few years. After you make the payments required by the court, your bankruptcy will be discharged, and you can begin to rebuild your Credit.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to get a jump on rebuilding your credit and resuming control of your financial affairs?

Perhaps you can.

The Florida bankruptcy code allows the debtors to buyout of a bankruptcy earlier by borrowing against a primary residence. To see if you qualify for a Florida Bankruptcy Buyout, call 1st Continental Mortgage, at 1-800-570-0448

"What surprises so may people emerging from a Jacksonville, Florida bankruptcy early is that a private Lender will give them terms better than the court in many cases," says Capital Lending Corp. President Chad Lane. Call 1st Continental Mortgage, at 1-800-570-0448and ask about buying out your Florida bankruptcy in Jacksonville, Florida.


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