Vacant Home Staging

My phone has been ringing off the hook for vacant home staging!  The number of vacant properties on the market is at a 40 year high, and the benefits of home staging your vacant property is fast becoming a necessity to outshine your competition!

Top Five Reasons You Should Never Sell Your Home Vacant

1)  People Don't Buy Houses, They Buy Lifestyles

The reason a buyer purchases a home is because it was warm, inviting and the buyer made an emotional connection with the home. They can picture themselves living there. When have you ever heard of an empty room described as warm and inviting?  Sterile, cold and uninviting maybe!   

2) Without Furniture, There Is No Frame Of Reference

Without furniture it's incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room. When the buyer does not have answers to their questions...they move on. Will my furniture fit?  Don't keep them guessing, it only distracts them from considering the home as a purchase.

3) When A Room Is Empty, Buyers Focus On the Negatives 

It's so much easier to notice that mark on the wall, or the tiny chip in the tile when there is nothing else to look at. All homes have blemishes. They're just more noticeable in vacant homes. Home Staging capitalizes on the positive aspects of a home, while de-emphasizing the negative aspects in order to position a home that will make an emotional connection with buyers. Some homes, like the one above are not vacant but rather under furnished. Furniture can be moved from other room to accomplish the task.

4) Only 10% of Home Buyers Can Actually Visualize the Potential of a Home

Nine out of every ten people walking in your home have no imagination of the wonderful possibilities your home has to offer them. Don't let a simple thing like no furniture or limited furniture ruin your sale.  Don't take those odds; they will hurt you in the price significantly!



5) Paying For Two Mortgages Can Get Expensive!

Let's look at the facts: a vacant home typically takes twice as long to sell, and the longer something "sits" on the market, the lower the sales price*.  Why risk paying two mortgages longer, only to have the sales price lower than it would have been if you had the home professionally staged!

*According to a National Association of Realtor survey

Simply Staging Solutions is your simple solution to get your vacant property sold!  Call us today for your free consultation!


Simply Staging Solutions

Vacant Home Staging Package


•1.      Initial Consultation - A Simply Staging Solutions Consultant meets with the home sellers and real estate agent, goes over the process, the budget and reviews the home.  During this time we will be taking lots of pictures, diagrams and measurements as well as brainstorming on every furniture piece, accessory and detail needed to complete the home.


•2.      Furniture Planning - When the home seller decides to proceed, the Simply Staging Solutions Consultant meets with the furniture rental company that best fits this project.  We have pre-arranged relationships with furniture rental companies that serve different purposes, depending on the type of home.  We then pick each piece that best suits the home and the seller's budget. 
(The seller is responsible for paying for the furniture rental directly.)


•3.      Moving Day - The Simply Staging Solutions Consultant and assistants meet the furniture rental movers at the home and direct where all of the pieces should go.  The Consultant has also brought additional accessories in the form of bed linens, wall coverings, plants, trees, table décor, pillows, throws, light furniture, knick knacks and additional pieces.  The Consultant and assistant will spend a day or more adding these home accessories in order to finish the "look."


•4.      Sold! -  When the house is sold and escrow is almost closed we will then meet with the furniture rental movers and spend a day de-staging the home. **We highly recommend keeping the home staged through the buyer's inspection.

 Packages begin at $1000 including rental fees for 3 rooms for one month!

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