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***NEW YORK(CNNMONEY.COM) August 8, 2008, Make no mistake: The worst probably is not over for financial firms. Not by a long shot.

***Many bank stocks have bounced sharply from their panic-induced lows of mid-July on hopes that the bleak second-quarter results represented the bottom.

***But the bigger-than-expected losses reported by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae this week, accompanied by dismal forecasts for the housing market, are strong indicators that there are likely more credit-related woes to come.

***The International Monetary Fund forecasts that global losses tied to the credit crisis will be $945 billion.


As homeowners and business Owners brace themselves for government and state bailouts only a small percent if any will ever see the kind of assistance that is expected. While many sellers must foreclose on their property and buyers remain as renters indefinite. Just to give you an idea of just how long, look how long it's been for America to come up with a general health care program for all Americans.  Seller Financed Properties with the seller's assistance to the buyer can still help the"American Dream Come True"for First-Time Home Buyers and any other buyer for that matter. If you are a seller, buyer, real estate agent , attorney, business owner, or CPA, it really doesn't matter. Seller Financing is the method of choice over any other method.

A common buyer's problem: Home values and prices have fallen and now it's a buyer's market, Right?Wrong! There's no more 100% financing, most sub-prime lenders have gone under ground or are being closely watched by banking regulators, even if the buyer has the 5-10% down payment it is still so hard for the buyer to get a loan....what good does it do to have a buyer's market if the buyer can't get a loan.

 Many Real Estate agents sit around waiting for a miracle to happen or the markets to change without making a change themselves. My parents once said if you are not a part of the solution then you must be a part of the problem, many sellers, buyers, and agents just do not know any other way. They have not been taught any other way throughout their careers and no wonder so many agents, sellers, buyers throw in the towel so soon.

We at Homesolvers Funding can help a home seller sell his/her home, a buyer fullfill his/her dream and an agent's goals all come true, without  the stiff requirements that  create a sales barrier between the banks and the consumer. Owner financing blasts away this barrier. Let us show you how. Our email:,

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